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Website ownership

Information on who publishes this website, our liability for what's on it and how to use our material

Who publishes the Brighton & Hove City Council website?

This website is a service operated by Brighton & Hove City Council, Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 3BQ, UK.

Disclaimer of liability

Brighton & Hove City Council endeavors to ensure that the information contained within the Brighton & Hove City Council website is correct but does not accept any liability for error or omission howsoever caused and whether by the negligence or omissions of Brighton & Hove City Council or otherwise.

Information, editorial, advertising, products and services provided by Brighton & Hove City Council are provided on the basis that Brighton & Hove City Council disclaims all warranties whether expressed or implied. Neither Brighton & Hove City Council nor the suppliers of information shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss of business profits or special damages.

Use and re-use of material on the website

The use and re-use of any data and content on the Brighton & Hove City Council website is permitted under the terms of the Open Government Licence, set out in full on the National Archives website, except where stated otherwise on individual pages of the council's website.