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Download forms for benefit claims

If you don't want to complete a benefits form online, you can download and print a paper copy here

Forms for download

Form name Use this form
Claim form for help with rent and Council Tax (PDF 205KB)
to make a new claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, or let us know your address has changed for your current claim
Special accommodation form (PDF 213KB) to let us know about a change in your circumstances if you're living in special accommodation
Certificate of earnings form (PDF 102KB) to give us proof of your income when you don't have any payslips available
Change of bank details form (PDF 7KB) to change the details of the account we pay your benefit into
Discretionary payments form (PDF 156KB) if you already claim benefits but need extra help with rent, Council Tax or moving costs
Local housing allowance direct payment form (PDF 139 KB) to ask us to pay your Housing Benefit straight to your landlord
Nil income form (PDF 75KB) if you already claim benefits and need to let us know that you have little to no income
Self employed form (PDF 96KB) to give us details of your self employed income and outgoings when making a new benefit claim, or changing your current claim
Self employed taxi driver form (59KB) if you're a taxi driver and need to let us know about your self employed income and outgoings
Direct debit instruction form (PDF 128KB) to let your bank or building society know that you'd like them to pay the Council by Direct Debit, if you have overpaid benefit