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Getting a discount or exemption

Find out about Council Tax discounts and exemptions, including discounts for people living alone and students 

Council Tax

Certain people aren’t considered as adults when it comes to Council Tax and so do not have to pay it. These include:

  • people living in a property under the age of 18
  • full time college and university students, as well as student nurses
  • apprentices who earn less than £195 per week before tax and insurance
  • people with severe mental impairment
  • live-in carers who look after someone
  • foreign diplomats

You can apply for a discount or exemption for someone else as well as apply for yourself.

Living alone

If you live alone in your property you can apply for a single person discount

Empty properties

You may be entitled to a discount or exemption if your property is unoccupied. Empty properties considered for discount or exemption, include those where:

  • the Council Tax payer is bankrupt or is an insolvency trustee
  • the Council Tax payer has permanently moved into a care home, hospital or residence to receive care
  • the Council Tax payer has moved out to provide care for someone
  • the Council Tax payer has gone to prison – though there’ll be no discount or exemption if it’s for not paying Council Tax or a fine
  • the Council Tax payer is a minister of religion
  • a charity has previously used it – this allows a six month exemption
  • it’s declared unfit for human habitation
  • there’s a pitch or mooring with no boat or caravan on it
  • it’s in possession of a mortgage lender

Other discounts and exemptions

You can also apply for a disabled band reduction if you’ve made changes to your home for a disabled occupant, including yourself, to live there.

If the property has an annexe, or similar self-contained part of a property that is occupied by an elderly or disabled relative a Council Tax reduction or exemption may apply.

A reduction may apply if the property is occupied by visiting armed forces and some international institutions or if the property is owned by the Secretary of State for Defence and is for armed forces' accommodation.

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