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Sign up to garden waste collection

For £52 a year, we'll give you a 240 litre wheelie bin and collect your garden waste every two weeks

Your garden waste collection

We'll deliver your garden waste bin within two weeks of you signing up.

You need to store the bin on your property and not on the street. Please place your garden waste bin at the kerb in front of your property on collection day.

We'll give you a calendar with collection dates for the year. Your first collection will be within two weeks of bin delivery and counts as the start date of your annual subscription. There are no collections over Christmas and New Year.

At the end of your subscription, we will send you a renewal email. If you want to renew, you'll need to fill in the form that this email links to.

If you don't want to renew, you'll need to return your bin.

What can go in your garden waste bin

Allowed Not allowed
leaves food waste
twigs plastic bags
grass rubbish you would normally put in your black bags
plants bits of wood over 10cm wide
hedge cuttings paper, cardboard, cans, glass, plastic bottles
tree cuttings stones, rubble, soil, packaging
  food trays

We only collect un-bagged garden waste from bins. Any waste left outside the bin will not be collected

Other ways to dispose of garden waste

If you don't want to use our collection service, you can take garden waste to one of our recycling centres. You can also get advice on composting and get a council discount on a composter from the Get Composting website.