How to reduce your risk of having a fall

If you're at risk of falling, get help from organisations across the city.

How to reduce your risk of having a fall

You could reduce your risk of falling, by:

•    making changes to your home
•    having regular eye tests
•    doing strength and balance exercises

Where to get help

Age UK have a guide to falls prevention, which lists the steps you can take to reduce your risk of falling.

Active For Life is a project run by the council to help people be more active. You can search for strength and balance classes, fitness classes and activities by visiting the active for life project page. 

Find local organisations that support you to reduce your risk of having a fall, on the My Life website

What to do if you’ve already had a fall

If you’ve already had a fall, you should discuss it with your GP. They can carry out some balance tests to check if you have an increased risk of falling again.

Your GP can refer you to the community physiotherapy service, or the Brighton and Hove Osteoporosis and Falls Prevention Service

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