Allotment plot types

We have plots of different sizes, from 25 to 250 square metres. We also have smaller plots for people with restricted mobility.

The plot types available

Plot type Approx. plot size Further information
Full plot 250 square metres

Full plots become available less often, so expect a long wait. They're a big commitment because they take a lot of time to cultivate

Half plot 125 square metres

Most plots in the city are half plots. They're more manageable if you have limited time

Quarter plot 60-70 square metres

Aimed at new plot holders that might want to up-size in the future, or existing plot holders that want to downsize

You can stay on these plots for as long as you
want, but you must reach a suitable level of cultivation after a year to move to a larger plot

Micro plots are located on larger shared plots

Micro plot 25 square metres
Easy access plot 60-125 square metres

These plots have excellent access and parking, they’re ideal for people with limited mobility

Mobility plot 10 square metres

These plots have raised beds
surrounded by paving. They’re ideal for people with restricted mobility or wheelchair users

Accessible plot 1.2 metres or 4 foot wide by 5.4 metres or 18 foot long

These plots are divided into small
raised beds with a hard surface underneath

Find out if there are any allotment plots available, then apply and pay the waiting list fee to get your name on the waiting list.