Transfer to a different allotment

How to request a transfer to a different site or plot

Transferring to a different allotment site

If you've moved house, it’s possible to swap to another allotment site as long as:

  • there is a plot available in your new area
  • the new site is closer to your new home address
  • you’ve been a tenant on your plot at least as long as the person at the top of the new site’s waiting list
  • your site is in good condition
  • you are not on notice

If these points are met, we could offer you a standard 125 square metre plot, or smaller if you prefer.

Transferring to a different plot on the same site

If you want to move to a different plot on the same site, you’ll need to have special circumstances.

Firstly contact your site representative to see if they’ll agree a plot transfer.

You’ll then need to contact the Allotments Service by letter or by emailing to request a transfer and give your reasons.

Please send plot transfer requests to:

The Allotments Service
Stanmer Nursery
Stanmer Park
Lewes Road