About the Local Discretionary Social Fund

The Fund can provide help with:

  • buying food and groceries
  • paying for gas and electricity, if you pay¬†for it by key card or meter
  • essential items you need to live in your home, such as beds, cookers or fridges
  • other support you may need in an emergency
The Local Discretionary Social Fund doesn't provide cash, we'll give you items or vouchers instead. These will usually be second hand items.

Applying for help

To get emergency help or essential items you must:

  • live in Brighton & Hove
  • be eligible¬†for benefits or tax credits

We'll review your application once we've received all of your information.

This will be within one day for emergency help and five days for essential items.

We'll find the best way to help you, which may include referring you to an agency for budgeting or debt advice.

Collect your items

You'll need to collect your items or vouchers from Bartholomew House if you can.

You may get a letter including a list of places across the city where you can pick up your items, including supermarkets and charity shops.

You can also arrange delivery of larger items with our providers.

Contact us

For more information or to ask a question about your application, you can contact our Discretionary Help and Advice team by: