COVID-19 Update

Schools are currently closed due to Covid-19, except for key worker and vulnerable children. If you're applying to change your child’s school there will be a delay in processing your application until we know when schools will re-open. If you have applied for your child to start infant, Primary or Junior school in September 2020, all decisions will be emailed to parents on 16 April.


Apply for a place

You can apply online for a school place if you:

  • live in Brighton & Hove and your child needs to start school for the first time
  • live in Brighton & Hove and your child needs to move up to junior or secondary school in September
  • want your child to move to a Brighton & Hove school at any other time

If you want to apply for a place at a private school, please get in touch with the school to find out how you can apply.

You can also apply for a school place by printing and completing a paper form.

School application deadlines

School Deadline Start in
Infant or primary (reception) or junior (year 3) 15 January 2020 September 2020
Secondary (year 7) 31 October 2019

Other deadlines and important dates:

What happens if you apply late

If you apply late for a school place it is less likely that you will be offered a place at one of your preferred schools and you may have to wait to get an offer of a school place after the National Offer Day.

If there’s a good reason why the school application is late, we will consider it as on time if we receive it by 21 January for secondary school or 8 March for infant and primary school.

You must provide independent supporting evidence of the good reason, or your application will be treated as late.

When you’ll hear from us

If you apply online we'll email you on the national offer day to let you know which school place has been offered to your child.

If you apply by post, we will send a letter to you in the first class post on the same day.

School National Offer Day
Infant or primary (reception) or junior (year 3) 16 April 2020
Secondary (year 7) 2 March 2020

More information

Download our school application guides for more information about applying for school.