Important dates for secondary school applications

When you need to apply, when school offers are sent out and when children start school

Important dates in 2018 and 2019

Date What happens
1 September 2018 School application process starts. It's time to find out about schools in your area and apply for a school place
31 October 2018 The deadline to apply for a school place is 11:59pm.
22 January 2019 The deadline to apply late for a school place with a good reason.
February 2019 Applications are looked at and school places are decided.
1 March 2019 National Offer Day.

If you applied online you'll get an email from school admissions to let you know the outcome of the application.

If you applied by post, a letter will be sent to you by first class post.
16 March 2019 The deadline to accept or refuse the school place offered.

If you don't reply the offer could be removed.
29 March 2019 Deadline to make an appeal if your child wasn't offered a place at one of the schools you listed as the first, second or third preference.
April to August 2019 Appeals are discussed and decided at meetings called appeal hearings.

Children in the reallocation pool are offered school places as they become available.
September 2019 Children start school.

Download our school application guides for more information.