The International Team:

  • promotes international activity in Brighton & Hove
  • supports council departments and external groups across Brighton & Hove in developing bids to access EU and other international funding
  • provides links to partner organisations across Europe and the wider world

The latest update on European funding states that businesses, universities and local organisations were recently assured that any funding they secure through EU programmes, from now until the end of 2020, will be guaranteed by the UK government even in a no deal Brexit scenario.

The implementation period agreed in March would see the UK continue to participate in all EU programmes until the end of 2020. This will give potential applicants continued confidence to bid for funding whatever the outcome of the negotiations, and ensure that UK organisations continue to benefit from funding post-Brexit.

In 2016, the government committed to protect projects that were successful in securing EU funding before exit day. This new guarantee means that successful bids for EU funding until the end of 2020 will receive their full financial allocation and will continue to receive funding over a project’s lifetime.

EU Funding - Brexit update

The government has announced new Brexit guidance as of 26 August 2020. 

The following services can be accessed by organisations in Brighton & Hove.

Information on EU funding opportunities

With approximately 200 different funding opportunities available from the EU alone, the team actively promotes key funding streams that are relevant to Brighton & Hove and provides alerts to the announcements of upcoming funding deadlines.

These include:

The team also provides more detailed information on a wide range of topics, grants and partner searches in areas such as energy, culture, environment and sustainability. 

We have around 60 different distribution lists in total so please contact us if there are any you would like to be added to.

Advice and support on the development of funding bids

This includes bidding workshops, one-to-one meetings and provision of written briefing materials on funding streams. 

The team provides a partner search service for projects requiring European partners.

Brighton & Hove is a member of the Eurocities network which is useful in finding potential partners for projects which require them.

Interreg projects

We're currently a partner in five Interreg projects:

Contact us

Please contact the team to access any of the services outlined above. Send an email to or phone 01273 292 622.

For more information on European Funding programmes, please go to the European Union website.