Hotel permits

Hotel permits are available to purchase if you own or run a hotel in Zone C or Zone N.

Can I get hotel permits?

Hotel permits are only issued in Zones C and N. Only a hotel that is registered with us can purchase permits.

Which zone is my hotel in?

Use our search facility to find out which zone your hotel is in.

I would like to register my hotel, what do I need to do?

We need the following information:

  • proof of business, like a utility bill dated within 3 months
  • number of rooms in the hotel
  • number of off street parking places available at the hotel

Please complete the hotel permit application form then return it to us.

I am registered for hotel permits but need to get more, what do I do?

You will need to show us a proof of business dated within 3 months.

Please complete the hotel permit application form then return it to us in person or by post.

How much do they cost?

Zone C Zone N
£8 £3.50
Each permit covers parking for 24 hours from the hour of arrival Each permit covers parking for one calendar day as indicated on the permit

Hotel permits will  be sent by post. 

Where can my guests park?

When a hotel permit is correctly completed and clearly displayed, the vehicle can be parked in a permit bay, including shared use bays, in the zone indicated on the front of the permit.

Your guest cannot park in a pay and display bay and the permit does not give the bearer an entitlement to park anywhere other than a permit bay in the zone that the hotel is in.

My guest received a penalty charge notice when using a hotel permit, what do they do?

You should check that the hotel permit has been used correctly and in accordance with the conditions of use.

You should then decide whether to:

Hotel permits

If you would like to find out what zone your hotel is in please use the find my zone search facility.

Find out more about hotel permits.

To apply for or request more hotel permits please complete the Zone C form or Zone N form below and return it to us in person or by post.


Attachment Size
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