Renew your traders permit

By renewing your traders permit online you confirm that the following statements are true:

  • I confirm that I need my vehicle to work throughout Brighton & Hove
  • I confirm that I am able to prove I am trading
  • I understand that if I cease to work in the Brighton & Hove area I will surrender the permit
  • I confirm that if I cease to keep or use the vehicle I will surrender the permit
  • I declare that all information given on this application is correct
  • I understand that I may be asked to provide proof of eligibility and that if I cannot provide this the permit will be withdrawn

Any person knowingly making a false statement for the purposes of obtaining a resident permit is liable for a fine not exceeding Level 5 (£5,000) or imprisonment for up to six months, or both a fine and imprisonment.

Check your vehicle CO2 emissions before you pay

This can be found on your VC5 form or from the DVLA.

If you choose the wrong rate it will delay your permit and result in you having to come in person to pay at Hove Town Hall.  

It may result in the vehicle receiving penalty charge notices.

To avoid delays check your vehicle CO2 emissions.

Questions about renewals

Can I renew online?

You can renew online if there are no changes to the permit details.

If the business has changed name, moved or changed vehicle we will need to see updated documents in order to alter the permit.

We will only process permits where there are no changes to any details, for example, do not select a low emissions permit if you have not provided evidence of this previously.

How long will it take?

All applications received by the 15th of the month will ensure receipt of the new permit by the end of that month, otherwise, please allow 7 working days for your permit to arrive.

Be aware that for a permit to be valid it needs to be displayed in the vehicle.

You can renew online at any time during the final month before your permit expires. Renew early to avoid delays and ensure your new permit is displayed before the old one expires. The new permit will include any unexpired time remaining on the previous one.

Where can I find the permit number?

Your permit number is listed on the renewal notice we will send to you roughly 4 weeks before your permit expires. You can also find your permit number on your permit; it begins with ‘TRA’ and is printed below the vehicle registration, for example: TRA\12345

What kind of permit do I need?

We currently offer permits for 3 or 12 month periods.

You can select the permit type and duration from the dropdown box on the payment page. Press ‘SELECT’ to refresh the page and display the correct price for your permit.

Low emissions discounts now apply to traders permits where the vehicle emits less than 110g CO2/KM. If you believe your vehicle qualifies we will need to see proof of this, please contact us using the number/email above.

Do I need to show updated proof of trading?

Not necessarily.

A random selection of orders will be asked to supply an updated proof of trading. If asked, you can scan/photograph the relevant documents and send an email to