Schools and families

We've been in regular contact with headteachers and are issuing regular updates, as well as guidance on managing health and safety in schools, illness prevention and public relations.

We'll continue to provide support to our family of schools.

Advice to schools in the city on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

All schools in the city are open. 

Public Health England and the office of the Chief Medical Officer are clear in their advice that schools do not need to close.

Support has been given to schools about their options if they’ve been informed that Public Health England have advised staff or pupils to self-isolate for 14 days.

This was an issue for a few schools where members of their community had contact with an individual from Brighton & Hove who tested positive for Coronavirus.

At present, no school has decided to close. Headteachers and school governing bodies are carefully considering the actions to take based on the individual circumstances at the school and with the wellbeing of pupils as their priority.

Some schools have given an option for pupils to stay at home. We understand that parents and carers will be concerned and are considering this.

Should I send my child to school?

Yes. The safety, welfare and wellbeing of everyone in our schools community is our primary concern. A constant dialogue is taking place with the relevant authorities. The council is working in collaboration with and is being guided by, Public Health England and the NHS to ensure that we're giving schools the right advice.

Public Health England and the office of the Chief Medical Officer are clear in their advice that schools do not need to close. 

Please also be aware that media speculation is rife about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and not everything you read in the newspapers and online is accurate.

At the present time, there's low risk for anyone attending our schools. On advice from the Chief Medical Officer, the risk has been declared as "moderate." This level allows government to plan for all eventualities but that ultimately, the risk to individuals remains "low."

The release of trusted and accurate information will always be done initially by the Chief Medical Officer. Further guidance will then be issued by Public Health England, the Department for Health and Social Care or the NHS. The local authority will also support those messages.

You can find the latest information and advice on Coronavirus from Public Health England.

Information from Public Health shared with all schools in the city

What is self-isolation?

Public Health England is prioritising contacting people who might have had close and sustained contact with an individual from Brighton & Hove who has tested positive for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. 

Self-isolating is a precaution to provide people with health advice about any symptoms in case they become unwell. These people are being advised to 'self-isolate' which means they should stay at home and avoid contact with other people as a precaution. It does not mean they're ill and people who have had contact with these individuals do not need to take action.

Those who have been told to ‘self-isolate’ are being asked to avoid other people and stay at home and not go to work or school. During this time, they will be supported by Public Health England, who monitor them and do more tests if they show any symptoms of the virus. They provide any further care needed.

My school has said it will authorise absences if I don’t send my child to school

Decisions about school attendance are being made at a school level after careful consideration. Details are on school websites where they’ve been made public. 

Please contact your school if you're thinking about keeping your child at home. 

We recognise the challenges faced by our excellent school leaders. Support and advice is being offered to headteachers by the council schools team and Deb Austin, interim executive director of Families, Children and Learning Directorate.