Weekly statement by the Public Health team based on Covid-19 cases

15 September 2020

The current alert level is:

Yellow: Confirmed cases have increased

The current alert level in Brighton & Hove is yellow. This means, confirmed cases are increasing. (See below for an explanation of alert levels).

In the seven days up to 10 September (based on data published on 14 September), we have seen a total of 59 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Brighton & Hove. This is:

  • an increase from 32 cases in the previous 7 day period (up to 3 September)
  • equivalent to a weekly rate of new cases of 20.3 per 100,000 residents
  • lower than the rate for England, which was 32.4 per 100,000, during the same period  

The increase has been greatest in young people, particularly those aged 16-24. We know that many have caught the virus when visiting friend’s houses and at parties.

Therefore we are asking everyone to play their part and follow the guidance – especially all young people across the City. 

Rule of six

This includes following the rule of six – you must not meet outside your household in groups of more than six people. And always think “hands, face, space”.

Businesses also have a vital role to play by ensuring they are helping their customers to stay safe.


We’re sure you have heard about the difficulties getting a test for Covid-19 across the country and know that many Brighton & Hove residents have experienced problems. The national Government has said that they are working hard to improve the situation.  Until then, our advice is to keep trying to get tested if you have symptoms or have been asked to take a test. Keep trying on the NHS website or via 119. You do not need a test if you don’t have symptoms or have not been asked to take one. 


While waiting for a test you need to self-isolate so you do not risk passing the virus on to others. 

You will also need to self-isolate if you have had a positive result, are a contact of a confirmed case, or are in quarantine after returning from an affected country.


If you need support to self-isolate please take a look at our Community Hub.   

Let’s all work together to keep Brighton & Hove safe and to avoid a lockdown.  If we don’t get this right we risk harming our most vulnerable loved ones and neighbours.  

We are also advising that:

  • care homes can continue to implement their visitor policy in line with national guidance and on the basis of a dynamic risk assessment as advised on our visiting care homes page
  • It is also safe for faith communities, schools and businesses to open in line with all applicable national guidance (including measures related to risk assessment, maintaining infection prevention and control, NHS Test & Trace, and social distancing measures).

Explanation of alert levels

We’re using a traffic-light system so everyone can see the current levels of Covid-19 in Brighton & Hove.


Green: Confirmed cases are low. Keep washing your hands, social distancing, wearing face coverings where advised and limiting groups to six people to control the virus.



Yellow: Confirmed cases have increased. To slow the virus we all need to step up physical distancing, wear face coverings where advised, limit contact between households and follow the ‘rule of six’. Everyone has a part to play. We’ll highlight groups and settings that are particularly affected so people can make extra efforts to reduce their risk.


Amber: Confirmed cases have reached a level of concern. We are one step away from the Government becoming directly involved. We must all closely follow government guidelines to stop the virus spreading. Everyone has a part to play. We’ll highlight groups and settings that are particularly affected so people can make extra efforts to reduce their risk.


Red: Confirmed cases are at a very high level. The Government will now provide us with targeted advice and support. If the numbers increase they will introduce restrictions and lockdowns in the city.