About the project

Brighton & Hove City Council is supporting local businesses and organisations to start using electric-cargo bikes (e-cargo bikes), as part of their regular operations, such as deliveries and servicing.

E-cargo bikes are two, three and four-wheeled electric assist pedal cycles that contain storage capacity, and are ideal for business operations in an urban environment.

The electric motor provides additional power to carry loads and travel up hills with minimal effort on behalf of the rider.

man with crash helmet sitting on an e-cargo bike with a basket at the front.

Benefits of e-cargo bikes

Business benefits of using e-cargo bikes include:

  • much more affordable purchase and operating costs than cars and vans, including electric vehicles
  • simple and convenient parking and loading in busy urban areas
  • zero emissions and access to car-free areas
  • a positive image for your business or organisation, including the opportunity to brand your e-cargo bike and be promoted by the Council

How the Council is supporting businesses to start using e-cargo bikes

Support offered by the Council includes:

  • impartial expert advice on the best cargo bike to suit your budget and business needs
  • free rider training provided by the Council
  • a subsidy towards the purchase of a cargo bike
  • marketing and promotion of your business by the Council as a showcase of good practice for clean and sustainable business deliveries

Examples of participating businesses

The Council is looking for businesses who could be considering using cargo bikes as part of their operations. So far, the Council has supported the following businesses to start using e-cargo bikes or increase their fleet:

Organisation Use of e-cargo bikes E-cargo bike model
BHCC CityParks At Preston Park Christiania
BHCC post room 200 miles per week, potential for 300 additional miles Urban Arrow XL

Brighton & Hove Energy

Services Cooperative


Increasing carrying capacity to support more fuel poor households Tern GSD S10 Performance
Brighton Gin Replace 85-90 van miles per week, saving £147 per month in reduced fuel, insurance and parking Urban Arrow XL e-trailer
Gunn’s Florist Replace 100 miles a week currently done by petrol van Cycles Maximus
Mittens Plumbing 37.5 miles per week in home visits, replacing 4x4 car. Reise & Muller MultiCharger
Real Patisserie Replace 30-50 petrol van miles a week for deliveries Urban Arrow L
Zedify Currently complete 400 miles per week using a fleet of seven e-cargo bikes. Five new e-cargo bikes should complete an additional 285 miles per week. 2x EAVcabs 2x Cycles Maximus

Contact us

If you are interested in your business or organisation potentially using e-cargo bikes, please send an email to transport.projects@brighton-hove.gov.uk.