About the Estate Development Budget

Find out how we can help you, and your neighbours, develop an idea to improve your neighbourhood

About the budget

Our Estate Development Budget (EDB) provides money for ideas that can make a positive difference to your neighbourhood.

The EDB is reviewed and set each year by councillors as part of our annual budget.

When you have an idea, you can send it to us. This is called making a bid.

You can make a bid as a residents association or as a group of council residents.

What we can fund

The EDB could provide money if your association or group make a bid that will improve:

  • council housing owned buildings or community facilities
  • council housing owned land or a local environment
  • the local community and quality of life of tenants

Examples of successful bids include:

  • community gardens and growing projects
  • cycle storage
  • patio areas
  • new footpaths
  • refurbished handrails

Types of bid

There are two types of EDB bids:

  • quick bids for a smaller projects up to the value of £1,000
  • main bids for bigger projects up to the value of £10,000

Your association or group can make up to 3 main bids and 5 quick bids in one financial year.

How to make a bid

If you have an idea for a project, you can find out how to make a bid for our Estate Development Budget.