Make a bid on Homemove

After you've joined the housing register, you can make a bid online to let us know you're interested in a council property

About Homemove

We have a choice-based letting service called Homemove, which lets you tell us which council properties you're interested in.

This is called bidding, even though no money is involved. 

Before you can start bidding, you need to join the housing register.

Make a bid

Once you've been accepted onto the waiting list, the basic steps are:

  1. Find a property by checking in local papers, in council offices or in local libraries.
  2. Check you can apply for it, as some properties are only available for single people, families or disabled people.
  3. Make your bid online, by phone or by text.
  4. Wait for us to contact you about our decision.

You can visit the Homemove website to get help with making a bid.

Getting an offer

If we give you an offer to move into a council property, you'll normally only have a short time to accept.

If you don't accept, you can stay on the waiting list to bid for other properties, but you may be put lower down the list.