The Survey

Our Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR) 2019 asks council tenants their opinion on council landlord services.

It follows previous STAR surveys in 2011, 2014 and 2016, and is similar to those run by other social landlords across the country every few years.

This year the survey will be carried out by phone, by ARP Research and Prevision Research

They'll interview a random sample of 1,000 people and it will take place in October and November 2019. 

We’ll share key results from the survey online and in the Homing In newsletter for council tenants and leaseholders.

Why do this survey

We want to know how you feel about our services and we’ll use these survey results to improve them. 

We run the survey every few years and ask similar questions so we can see if we’re improving and take action if we’re not. 

For example, we always ask how satisfied our tenants are with repairs and maintenance, so we can plan how we deliver repair and maintenance services in future.

How we'll contact you

Our research company ARP Research or its partner company Prevision Research will call you. Calls will come from 01908 278 310, anytime between 9.30am and 9.00pm, Monday to Friday.

The sample of people is randomly selected and is big enough to make sure we get statistically reliable results. 

This is the recommended way of running a survey like this and helps keep costs down. Around 1 in 11 council households are expected to take part in the survey.

What to do if you don't want to do the survey

If you don’t want to take part please email and we’ll ask our research company not to contact you.

How we use personal data in order to carry out this survey

To make sure that this survey is independent, we have asked ARP Research to carry it out for us. ARP run surveys like this for housing providers across the country. 

ARP are not allowed to use your contact details for any reason other than running this survey and conform to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

ARP will remove names and phone numbers from their data set as soon as possible. It will not share data with the council which could identify anybody’s answers. 

However, ARP Research can share your feedback with the council if you do give consent.

How we'll use the results

The council used results from the 2016 survey to make service improvements.

For example, tenants expressed concerns about neighbourhoods so we put more funds into environmental improvements on city council estates and worked to help with untidy gardens.

Who to contact

If you want to know details about how the survey has been designed or run, please phone ARP Research on Freephone 0800 020 9564, or email