Get help if you're at risk of becoming homeless

Our advisers can help you early on to stop any problems that could make you lose your home

What we can help with

Our Early Intervention team can help you with any problems making it difficult to stay in your home, such as:

  • rent arrears or other debt worries
  • arguments at home or relationship breakdowns
  • problems with your tenancy
  • problems with repairs or adaptations
  • changes to your household
  • changes to your health

You can also ask your GP, support or social worker, or health visitor to refer you to our Homelessness Prevention service.

This service can:

  • give you debt advice through specialist agencies
  • tell you which benefits you may be entitled to and how to claim them
  • talk to other household members, neighbours and tenants or landlords to help resolve problems
  • tell you how to access private rented accommodation
  • put you in contact with other support services, such as East Sussex Credit Union
  • tell you how to access short term accommodation in volunteers' homes, such as Sussex Nightstop
  • give you advice on people moving into or out of your home, including growing families and overcrowding

Contact us

You can contact our Early Intervention team by: