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Help and advice for travelling communities, landowners and other residents, and updates on unauthorised encampments across the city

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Our Traveller Liaison team can:

  • support travelling communities access services such as health and education
  • give help and advice to landowners and other residents of the City about unauthorised encampments

The team also manages the permanent Traveller site at St Michael's Way

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Unauthorised encampments

Stanmer Park and Coldean Woods

There is a new encampment of Travellers at Stanmer Park. A joint visit was carried out with the police yesterday afternoon following their arrival.

A possession hearing in the county court has already been arranged with regard to the van dwellers in Coldean Woods.

This is on Tuesday next week. It will, however, cover all the land and all the trespassers in Stanmer Park.

The Possession Order will enable all the Travellers in Coldean Woods and Stanmer Park to be evicted.

Land at Coldean Woods

A group of van dwellers evicted from land next to Devil's Dyke Road moved onto land at Coldean Woods on 21 May 2019.

We're arranging a joint visit with Sussex Police and will start Possession proceedings in the County Court following this visit.