Madeira Terrace 

Madeira  Terrace is a Grade 2 listed, 865 metre long stretch of seafront arches on Madeira Drive in Brighton. Originally built in the late 1800s, it has been closed to the public since 2012 as the structure has been degraded by the marine environment and become unsafe.

Madeira Terrace on Madeira Drive in Brighton is currently closed to the public.

The Madeira Terrace restoration project aims to restore the arches and create a new sustainable social and business space that is sensitive to the terraces original design.

What's happening now

Extra funding of £200,000 a year has been dedicated to the Madeira Terrace restoration project. The additional funding was agreed by all three political parties in a joint amendment proposed on 27 February.

Councillors agreed at the Tourism, Development & Culture committee in June 2019  that £550,000 will be made available to appoint a design team to work on the first phase of a proposed five phase regeneration and restoration project. This money comes from the £2 million council reserves originally set aside for the Madeira Terrace.

This stage of the project is an important first step towards restoration. The design team will explore options and produce detailed plans for the work needed to restore 30 arches. These first 30 arches will include the three arches for which the crowdfunding money was raised.

The design team will work to create sensitive, innovative and regenerative designs for the terrace structure. Designs will be conscious of addressing the terrace’s Grade 2 listed status while ensuring natural capital is exploited by incorporating:

  • sustainable energy generation
  • water harvesting technologies
  • care of the historic green wall

The aim is to also re-instate the much-valued social function of the terrace as a ‘linear stadium’ for viewing events held on Madeira Drive. 

The design team will recommend which 30 arches be restored first out of the total 151. The recommendations will be tested with the community Advisory Panel and voted on by councillors at the Tourism, Equalities, Community & Culture committee. Their decision will be based on what is best for the project, within the context of what is viable and affordable.

This first phase of restoring Madeira Terrace starts the journey towards an enlivened, reactivated eastern seafront with great potential for business and sustainable use of the terrace.

What we've done

The story so far

Find out about the history of the terraces and what has happened since they were closed to the public.

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