We are appointing a design team who can explore options and produce detailed plans for the work needed to restore 30 arches.

Who will be in the design team and what will they do?

A team of professionals, including architects, structural engineers, landscape architects and mechanical engineers will be appointed. Their work will consider our pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030 and include:

  • exploring how to use the natural resources already available to provide power and water to Madeira Terrace
  • considering how water and power connections can be best placed to support events on Madeira Drive and Madeira Terrace
  • exploring options to use sustainable materials, such as solar on the deck of the terrace
  • understanding how much of the existing structure can be re-used/restored with the aim of re-instating crowds on the deck level for events
  • considering options for sustainable urban drainage in front of Madeira Terrace
  • exploring options for conservation of the existing green wall and how to increase biodiversity
  • working with a master-planning team to consider aspects including public transport, access and public realm within the eastern seafront area
  • producing professional drawings to RIBA stage 4, ready for the build
  • costing the different restoration options
  • exploring potential uses for the restored arches

How the finished terrace could look

Designs will be sensitive to the structure’s unique heritage and will need to work commercially to help pay for long-term maintenance of the terrace.

A variety of commercial and community uses could be placed in the arches of Madeira Terrace. There could be single arch units, or a combination of two or three arches, or even open arches where the green wall can be fully exposed and appreciated. The uses will be complementary to the area and could include:

Architects impression