Get access to city recycling centres

Residents can visit tips using their cars. If you're in a van or commercial vehicle, you'll need photo ID and proof you live in the city.

Documents we need to see 

If you are resident with a car within our height restrictions, you can normally visit a recycling site without any documents.

Please note that we may and can ask for photo ID and/or proof of residency.

Vans and commercial vehicles

To access our recycling centres in a van or other commercial vehicle, you'll need proof of identification and proof that you live in the city.

These should be:

  • your Council Tax bill or a utility bill, less than 6 months old
  • some photo ID, for example a driver's licence or passport

If you're helping someone else by bringing waste, they must come with you and you must bring identification, including proof they live in the city, as above.

You'll need to show the rental agreement and the van will need to confirm to size restrictions, if it's hired.

If you've hired a removal firm, they must dispose of your waste using a private company.

Commercial vehicles, with signs on the side showing the business name, are not allowed onto the sites.

Vehicles and trailers we allow

Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are not allowed at our recycling centres.

There is a height restriction of 1.85 metres or 6 foot 1 inch at Hove Recycling Site and a height restriction of 1.75 metres or 5 feet, 9 inches at Brighton recycling site.

We do not allow trailers at the Brighton Recycling Site. Hove will accept single-axis trailers up to 4 feet long.