Recycle food and drinks cartons

Find our Tetrapak recycling bins in the city and how to get the cartons ready for recycling

Prepare your cartons

The cartons you can recycle, include those from fruit juice, milk, soup and fabric conditioner.

Empty the cartons, then wash and squash them, ready for recycling.

Once they're ready to be recycled, you can take the cartons to a location listed below.

Food and drink carton recycling points

Location Postcode
Preston Park north entrance BN1 6HG
Co-op on Nevill Road BN3 7PZ
Queens Park Terrace, Pepper Pot BN2 9YA
Bus stop, Peacehaven BN10 8LB
Magpie Recycling Co-operative BN3 1SF
Withdean Sports Complex BN1 6XZ
Ladies Mile Road BN1 8TD
Co-op on Lewes Road BN2 3HW
The Level BN2 9SY
Floral Clock, Hove BN3 2JQ
King Alfred Leisure Centre BN3 2TQ
Freshfield Way BN2 0LE
Whitecross Street BN1 4DZ
Portland Road BN3 5HX
Moulescoomb Leisure Centre BN2 4PB
Preston Park, south BN1 6HP
Marine Cliff car park BN2 7GD
Chalky Road opposite the school (PACA) BN41 2WF
Coldean Lane BN1 9GD
Woodingdean Library, Warren Road BN2 6BA