Brighton & Hove HWRS Reopening FAQ 

  1. When will my local recycling site reopen?

Our two household waste recycling sites are now open. However, please don’t visit unless it is absolutely necessary.

Strict traffic measures are in force with people driving to the site only being allowed to queue on the smaller access roads leading to the tips, and not the major approach roads. Find more information on the reopening of our waste and recycling sites.

Only cars will be allowed to access the site. No pedestrians, ie those on foot, lorries, vans, campervans, trailers etc will be allowed entry.

You should only visit if you cannot store waste at home without it causing a risk of injury, health or harm to the members of your household and other people. Visiting our recycling sites for any other reason is not essential travel.

Sites will be extremely busy particularly at weekends and the middle of the day and we will be limiting the number of people on site to ensure social distancing. 

Where possible, please try to use kerbside collection services for black bag waste, recycling and garden waste. These services are operating normally in Brighton & Hove.

  1. Can I visit if I have been unwell?

You must not visit a recycling site if you are:

  • Symptomatic with coronavirus
  • Extremely vulnerable and are remaining at home for shielding purposes
  • In a 14-day household isolation
  1. Will opening times be different?

The temporary opening hours will be:

Hove: Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm; Saturday 8.30am - 1.30pm; Sunday 10.30am - 1.30 pm. The site is closed on Bank Holidays.

Brighton: Monday - Sunday, plus Bank Holidays 9am – 4pm.

At busy times, we will need to close the queues an hour before the site closing times to manage capacity and physical distancing, so please get there early.

We are monitoring traffic and our ability to manage the sites safely while maintaining physical distancing and are keeping opening times under review in light of this.

  1. Will there be queues?

We are trying to keep queues to a minimum by only allowing queueing on the smaller access roads leading to the tips, and not the major approach roads. If the tip roads are full, drivers will be asked to move and told to return when the queues are shorter.

Strict traffic measures will be in force from early Monday morning, and cars will not be allowed to park or queue on Old Shoreham Road or Wilson Avenue.

A further restriction at the Hove site includes cars not being allowed to turn right into the site from the Old Shoreham Road.

Please be patient – we have a zero-tolerance approach of abuse towards site staff.

  1. Why are vans and trailers banned?

Vans and trailers take up more space on site so by restricting these vehicles, it helps to ensure that vehicles in parking bays are adequately spaced out to ensure social distancing. These vehicles also take longer to unload so it will also help with reducing queuing times into the site.

Vans larger than 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, Luton vans and vehicles with flatbed, tipper or dropside style bodies will continue to be banned from using our recycling sites.

  1. How are you managing physical distancing and the spread of coronavirus at recycling sites?

We have adopted the following measures at all sites:

  • We are restricting the number of customers allowed on site at any one time
  • To ensure adequate spacing between customer vehicles in parking bays, we are only letting customers park in every other bay
  • One customer at a time will be allowed onto gantries to tip waste
  • Use of floor markings and barriers to help customers space out
  • Handrails and other site furniture that customers might touch are cleaned on a regular basis
  • We ask all customers to not stand closer than 2m (6ft) to other customers and site staff
  • Site staff are essential workers and have access to gloves, hand sanitisers and other cleaning products as well as testing if they fall ill
  • Site re-use shops will remain closed

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation with these physical distancing measures.

  1. What waste can I dispose of at recycling sites?

We are accepting most types of waste and recycling including black bag waste, garden waste, furniture, electrical appliances, mattresses and wood.

Please try to sort your waste before you leave home to make it easier to tip in the right container when visiting our sites.

  1. Can I bring someone with me to help unload items?

Like supermarkets, we ask all customers to visit on their own to minimise the amount of contact between people who live in different households.

However, we appreciate that some customers may need a second person to help lift heavy items. If this is the case, then please ensure that the second person is someone from the same household.

Site staff are unable to provide assistance with heavy items due to physical distancing rules. If an item is too heavy, please leave it on a walkway and a member of staff will come and collect it when you have moved away to a safe distance.

  1. How long will these restrictions last?

Some of the restrictions have been introduced to help recycling sites cope with extremely high demand in the first few weeks of opening. We don’t know how long these restrictions will be needed, but we will review the situation on a regular basis.

Some changes are designed to enable customers and site staff to maintain physical distancing. These changes will remain in place until the Government deems it no longer necessary to maintain strict physical distancing measures.

  1. Do you accept trade waste or recycling?

Commercial/business waste has never been accepted at our recycling sites and this is still the case. Tradesmen, professional gardeners, landlords and other businesses should take their waste to a licenced commercial waste facility.

Fly-tipping or giving waste to an unlicensed waste operator will result in enforcement action being taken against you.