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How we help children who are too ill to go to school

Our teaching services can help children who are in hospital or at home because of an illness or injury

If your child can’t go to school

Your child's school will provide work they can do at home if they can't go to school because they're ill, sick or injured.

If your child is ill for longer than 6 weeks, our teaching services can:

  • link up with your child's school to make sure they follow the right coursework
  • help with English, maths and science
  • help prepare your child to go back to school

Teaching at home

Our Home Tuition Service is for children who are physically too ill to go to school, have a long a term mental health condition, recovering from an operation or giving birth.

If your child needs to use this service, this will be arranged by the school, education welfare officers or medical services. They will do this by referring your child to our service.

Teaching at the hospital

The Hospital Education Service is for children who are staying at The Royal Alex Children’s Hospital because of an illness or injury. 

If your child needs to use this service, this will be arranged by the hospital.

More information

Contact the Education Other Than At School team by email or phone 01273 291310 for information and advice.