Apply to start school during the year

How and when you need to apply if you are changing schools or want your child to start school during the year.

Apply online

You can apply for a school place online if your child needs to change or transfer schools during the school year, or start school at any other time.

If your child is moving from one Brighton & Hove school to another, the schools will talk to each other to make sure the move goes smoothly.

Before you apply to change schools, please think about the negative effects this may have on your child's progress.

Application deadlines

If you want your child to change schools and start a new school next September, please apply as soon as you can.

The deadlines listed below are for community schools run by the council.

To start school Deadline
Next available school term or half term Before the last Friday of the school holiday.
Next September  Before the third Friday in June. In 2019 this is 21 June.

When you'll hear from us

School transfers usually take two to three weeks to arrange and places are offered for the next available half term.

Our school admissions team will let you know as soon as possible which school has offered your child a place and when your child can start school.

If you are moving house and the school start time doesn't fit in with your moving date, your child will be able to start school in the middle of the term.

If you apply after the third Friday in June we may not be able to let you know which school has offered your child a place until after schools start in September.

Other ways to apply

You can also apply for a school place with a paper form

More information

Download our school application guides for more information.